Gettin’ Chunky for the Holidays!!

We have adjusted our customer order forms to reflect the addition of Chunky yarn. The wraps per inch (wpi) have been adjusted on the other yarn weights too to reflect a more American standard (is there one??) so we can be clear on what you would like out of your fiber.

Please note that sometimes fiber wants to do something else and we normally don’t know until we get to the spinner. I usually run a sample of your fiber into yarn then double check that everything looks good with my ‘recipe’ before I run the remained of your fiber. I’ll use your preferred contact method to get in touch with you if there are any issues.

First ply of a 100% wool yarn

We’ve updated some pricing on our extra mill services including the current list of blending fibers available.

And for all those here that are looking for our store… I’m getting close. I’m working on completing the inventory and getting pictures of everything. You can’t shop with your hands on the internet, so I know you at least want to SEE it!!

If I don’t say it later, please have a safe holiday season. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to work for you!


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